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The politics behind the sabotage of Iran Deal in Europe

A case in point was an attempt in the European Parliament to block one of the key measures that EU governments proposed to preserve the JCPOA: to give a mandate to the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support financing investment projects in Iran. As of June 4, when...

Iran and Russia in JCPOA Saga

For Iran and Russia, several points are defining in their bilateral interactions: 1. History of bilateral ties in pre- and after-revolution period; 2. History of the Iran nuclear profile for the past 10 years (more a pretext for exerting pressure on Iran, the “enfant...

What Should Iran Do to Keep the Nuclear Deal?

When signed as an international accord between Iran and six world powers, the nuclear deal was an outstanding demonstration of global-scale diplomacy. The unique agreement between a regional player and world powers sealed just two years ago has seen its foundations...

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