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What Should Iran Do to Keep the Nuclear Deal?

When signed as an international accord between Iran and six world powers, the nuclear deal was an outstanding demonstration of global-scale diplomacy. The unique agreement between a regional player and world powers sealed just two years ago has seen its foundations...

Iran Should Prepare for New Phase of Syrian Crisis

The Ankara summit closed with a statement that emphasized the territorial integrity, independence, solidarity, and a political solution to the crisis of Syria. Tehran will host the third summit. In spite of several Astana summits, the Sochi summit and the Ankara...

White House’s Iran War Party

The White House’s Iran war party is now complete. With the installation of Iranophobic extremist John Bolton as the new national security adviser, Trump’s slow march toward war with Iran has now gained momentum, in light of the similar turnovers in the US...

Le Drian’s Constructive Tehran Visit

Despite his expressed concerns about Iran’s regional behavior and missile program, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has made a crucial, timely, and by all indications constructive, visit to Tehran to discuss “bilateral, regional, and...

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