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Queiroz’s ‘ups and downs’ of Iranian players 

AL-AIN, United Arab Emirates: Former coach Carlos Queiroz quotes Frank Sinatra’s songwriting criticizing his players and hails criticism over him, saying goodbye to Iran yesterday. 

“Now it’s over here,” said the 65-year-old operator after relinquishing his post following Iran’s 0-3 defeat to Japan in the semis of the Asian Cup semi-final yesterday. “I am very happy and very proud, because ‘I did it my way’,” 

Queiroz, who has served in Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal and is now linked to Colombia, has spent almost eight years with Iran, and has been the longest-serving coach ever. 

However, the period ended with disappointment when Iran, who saw the championship selection, suffered a major defeat in the sixth semi-final, after the last title in 1976.

Queiroz ‘got into the wind’ with the ‘madness’ created before the opening goal of Japan, when five players surrounded the referee while the opponent continued to play and scored. 

It was Iran’s biggest loss in Asian Cup rivalry since 1988, thus resuming their poor record on Japan, considered to be ‘haunted’ and never beaten, and also scored in four matches in the competition.

However, Queiroz who guided Iran in two World Cup stages also praised his players when critically saying they gave the country a “chance of freedom” under his control.

“They did it for the people,” he said. “They sent a message to the rest of the world what the people of Iran should be seen by the rest of the world.”

But when asked by reporters whether he should apologize after the defeat, Queiroz eventually lost his temper.

“What’s your role in the past eight years? Your role is just silent and not involved, no more than that, “said Queiroz, who has seen his squad face a wide range of problems including sponsorship of their boot block Nike during the World Cup last year. – AFP

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