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While the crisis in Syria is entering its eighth year, some regional parties are apparently not interested to see an end to the long crisis in the country and are unwilling to allow establishment of peace in the war-torn nation.

It is a source of wonder why some Arab and Western parties do not want the crisis in Syria to come to an end.

The crisis in Syria started with financial and military support of some Arab countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other countries, and terrorists managed to take control of some border cities in Syria soon and gradually advanced further to dominate large swathes of the Syrian territory.

Expectations were high among terrorists in Syria to take control of Damascus, the Syrian capital, overthrow the government and celebrate a total victory.

But they were wrong; the strategic position of Syria on one hand, and the urgency of stopping the threats from the Takfiri terrorists who were trying to turn the country into a terrorist safe haven, made regional countries like Iran and Russia to step in and help Syria ward off further spread of terrorism.

The presence of Iran and Russia, made based on a formal request by the legitimate government in Syria, changed the fate of the country by paving the path toward a final annihilation of terrorists in Syria.

With the last remnants of terrorists were recently defeated by the Syrian army in Douma, a town about 10 km northeast of the center of the Syrian capital, promoters of terrorism in the country are presently witnessing imminent demise of their proxy pets. So, not surprisingly, they are using all the leverages at their disposal to restore their morale and fuel flames of war.

The recent US-led missile attack on Syria is good evidence to the attempts by Western powers and supporters of terrorism to aggravate the crisis in the country.

But the military operation, jointly conducted by the United States, Britain and France, was just an act showing the climax of frustration of the Western powers and their regional allies.

The Syrian army and people now have the upper and the country is increasingly moving toward establishing a prevailing peace.

One of the main achievements Syria made surviving the ordeal is that for years to come the country will be immune from a new crisis.

Now Syria, like Iraq, is regarded as a nation with invaluable experience in the fight against terrorism. More, the strategic alliance between Damascus and Tehran is a source of concern for the enemies like the Zionist regime of Israel. That is why Tel Aviv today is trying not to allow at any price establishment of peace and tranquility in Syria, using all options to prop up terrorists in Syria by providing them with all kinds of support…

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